Posted by: francinehardaway | October 30, 2011

Steve Jobs’ Biography

I couldn’t put it down. Even though the cover slid off it and got stuck on the floor of the office, I kept the rest of the book and devoured it. Mommis has great taste in books. But I am glad this man didn’t own me. It doesn’t sound like he would have been someone I would understand, and it didn’t seem like he had much joy in his life, I am all about joy. But I am also about Zen, although I don’t recognize how he lived his life as the Zen I know.

Posted by: francinehardaway | October 21, 2011

Joe’s Birthday Party

Every morning we jump for joy

When we see you, boy oh boy!

Then we get our treat

And we think that is really neat.

On this special day

We want to say

Hey Hey Hey

Happy Birthday

To our favorite Candy Manz

From your number one fanz

The Los Olivos Woofus Gang

Mommis was away, but it was Joe’s birfday this weekend, and the park peeps, including Parker, Wendy’s special dog who was found in the park and rescued by Wendy, had a big party. Pam.I.Am Shakespeare, mother of Wrigley, the dog who loves to shower in the sprinklers, wrote Joe a poem for us and we all signed it.

And Pam also baked a cake with a dog on it.

The party was for Joe’s birthday, but it was also a big wet thank you for the treats he gives us every morning. And I mean Every. Morning.

Happy Birthday, dog’s best friend Joe.

Posted by: francinehardaway | August 12, 2011

Dogs Live Like People! Finally

This hotel lobby has three different sizes of dog treats for me, canine toilet paper, and USA Today to shred.


Posted by: francinehardaway | July 7, 2011

In London Dogs Get to Go Places

A dog goes on trains here and in restaurants



Posted by: francinehardaway | June 30, 2011

Chillin’ on Mommis’ Bed

Sammy doesn’t usually let me up here, but tonight he was kind of mellow and I got to hug Mommis for a while.

Posted by: francinehardaway | June 24, 2011

What She Doesn’t Know

Is that I much prefer to sleep NEXT to my bed. I don’t want to make her feel bad, but it’s hot.


Posted by: francinehardaway | May 6, 2011

Mommis is with GOAP

Mommis has been gone for a week in Latin America with Uncle Ed and a bunch of people who don’t know us. Why she would be off touring dogs in other countries remains a mystery when she has me and Sammy waiting for her.

She tells us that in Santiago dogs don’t have to wear clothes and can self-walk in the business district.


But in Buenos Aires, they walk in packs and poop in fenced runs. Don’t they look miz? I guess we are very lucky.




Posted by: francinehardaway | April 23, 2011

We Do A Lot of Waiting

She likes it when we wait for her in the window, I know she does. The only trouble is that table’s slippery, and every once in a while I can’t get off as gracefully as I’d like.

Posted by: francinehardaway | April 15, 2011

I am a Lion

Help! I got dropped off at the spa this morning and without any warning I emerged as a lion! Do you like it?


Posted by: francinehardaway | March 21, 2011

Mommis Takes Us to a Trainer

In honor of my 6th birthday, Mommis finally decided to invest in my training. So she put us in this class with a bunch of pit bulls and German shepherds and a Doberman.

I was scared out of my mind, and tried to look in the other direction for as long as I could. I’m telling you, it was ghetto.

The trainer is Austrian, and she can wrestle down any dog, too. I saw immediately there was nothing to do but obey, so I did.

I think this was our last time. I hope so. There were other things I would rather be doing than sitting, staying, and heeling.


The one part I really like: DOWN. I would do that without a trainer.

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