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Dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

All summer mommis has been promising us that we would go with her to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for dinner. She goes there once a week because they have blues music. And she and Auntie Belle talk about taking us there every week. But then they go off together, opening the front door and yelling “stay” as they walk out. That’s a very scary word; I don’t know what it means, but it seems to paralyze all of us.

Last night she and Auntie Belle and Uncle Nell finally did it! They took us out to dinner. Boy, was it fun. That patio is full of dogs. At the next table, there was a little rescue puppy, and I got to play with him all the time. He even wiggled out of his harness and came under our table.

There were a few other dogs we thought we should bark at, but we were quickly discouraged. Lots of mutts, a big boxer, a King Charles Spaniel. I got the picture; we were supposed to pretend to be trained. Act Big. Impress peeps.

I think I did it. After I made a quick move toward the puppy and everyone had to grab their drinks, I realized we were tied to the table and I got underneath and scrounged for scraps. I didn’t even make it into this round of photos.

Auntie Belle put Bearie in her lap for this picture, but then she let him go to the next table, where the people called him Zen dog. That’s not fair. I want to be Zen dog. I know it means something nice.

I think we accomplished all our goals. Mommis got to hear a lot of music and everyone ate a hurried dinner. We all laid down eventually, and people marvelled at how anyone could go anywhere with four golden retrievers. We love it when that happens, because we know it makes mommis happy.

And it wasn’t a bad sunset over the water, either.

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My Ears Are Clean

Toldja Boja! I did not have an ear infection after all. Mom kept cleaning my ears and I kept yelling and running away, and she was thinking it was because I was in pain. But I was only scared of the long thing she puts in my ear to get the ear medicine down the canal. And I was screaming because I didn’t need it.

Then Auntie Belle came over. She really knows boys like us. She’s Bo and Ko’s mom. She got me down on the floor, looked in my ear, and pronounced me infection-free!

So mom has not put any ear stuffis in me since.

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My Mom is My Advocate

Here’s the letter my wonderful mom wrote to the silly people next door.

Dear 230 Coral Reef Avenue,

This morning when I was working there was a knock at my door and the Sheriff arrived. I asked her to come in, and she looked pretty embarrassed to be there. I assume you called her, since you had written to me before and said you would do so if my dogs continued to bark. You said you would consider it a case of “deliberate harassment.”

How silly. Do you really believe I have nothing else to do with my life but harass my neighbors? What do you think this is, high school? I’m your age, and I’m a woman who works from home, just as I assume you do.

I told her the same thing I have told you: I do my best to stop the dogs from barking. I close the dog door at 9 PM and leave it closed until it is light, whenever that happens to be and the dogs wake me to go out. We don’t have loud parties, we don’t play music, we don’t do ANYTHING that constitutes a real nuisance. The worst thing we do is bark.

When the dogs go out in the morning, there are often dogs and people running around behind my back fence (and yours, too). I think some kids cut through there, and I also think one of our other neighbors lets his dog out back to walk himself.

These things make my dogs bark. When I hear the dogs bark, I yell at them and bring them in. Of course if I am on the phone, in the shower, not there, or not dressed, I can’t do that too quickly.

I know you consider this personal harassment. And of course I consider it “doing my best.” We probably have to respectfully agree to disagree, since the Sheriff told me this morning that the call that brought her there was an ordinance, not a law, and that the dogs did not appear to be mistreated. Therefore, she did not call Animal Control, who – even if she did call them – would issue me a citation but couldn’t do anything else. The dogs are tagged, licensed, fed and cared for. You have a right to live in peace, and I have a right to have pets.

However, they are DOGS. Dogs bark.

I’ve been to see you personally, and have explained that I am doing my best, and that, indeed, I am only here for the summer with the dogs anyway.

You might want to think about opening your heart and realizing that I might be lonely, and that’s why I have dogs. I live alone. I am a widow. You ladies have a relationship. I don’t. All I have is a dog.

No one can control everything in their world. Calling the Sheriff is rather a waste of taxpayer dollars, don’t you think?


Francine Hardaway

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Barking Dogs

Today we had a big surprise. I went out in the morning and saw that usual dog loose behind our fence and I barked at it. I guess the people next door don’t like that. So we had a visit from a woman in a blue uniform who had a badge that said “Sheriff.”

I charmed her. When she came to the door, Paunnie and I barked, but then I stopped and laid down by mom’s feet as soon as she came into the house. So did Paunnie. We faked being well-behaved, and the woman fell for it. She loved us!! She even petted us. We shedded all over her blue uniform.

So then mom asked her what we did wrong. She said there was an ordinance that neighbors were entitled not to be disturbed, She said it was an ordinance, not a law, and the worst that could happen to us was that animal control could come out and cite us. But we couldn’t be taken away or anything.

The blue woman then apologized for the fact that we had grumpy neighbors.

Mom always yells at us when we bark. Now I know why.

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Hospital Costs Rise Again

I have personal experience with this. My brother Chauncey is in the hospital. It’s an outpatient procedure, but it’s going to cost our mom dearly.  She said so.

  She  had to take Paunnie to the vet this morning because he has an ear infliction. (Is that what she said?) When she got there, the vet showed her a picture of the inside of his ear on a computer monitor called the “EarCam.” After she wiped herself up off the floor and quit flogging herself for being a crummy puppy mom (she’s not!) the vet said Paunnie would have to be sedated and his ear cleaned out and we couldn’t pick him up until 3:30 PM.
While she was out, the campers at Camp Fluppy Puppy opened up the dog biscuits and fed ourselves. I’m full now.  She doesn’t give us enough food. I’m glad Boda suggested the self-feeding.
This Paunnie thing is a real bummer. I’ve been shaking my head myself since we’ve been swimming, and I wonder if I have something coming on? I don’t want the EarCam. It sounds awful. And awfully expensive.
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While Foreclosures Increase…

We continue to go to camp. We are not affected by real estate market oscillations. Our only real estate is the POST trail on the Coastside in California. But we had quite an adventurous walk this morning.  Paunnie and Bo got into an immediate fight over a stick. 

Paunnie won. It was a bummer for Bo.
Bo had to sit around and watch Paunnie play, and you could see he was depressed.
He kept on trying to get it from Paunnie, and Aunt Chelsea kept trying to create distractions, but nothing worked. Paunnie is that kind of obsessive who only gets more stubborn when you try to change his mind.
His teeth grip harder and harder. And poor Bo was looking real sad
But he figured out a way to triumph. He took his little brother Ko and they both disappeared into the foliage. When they emerged, each one was carrying a stick. Then he seemed a lot happier. At the end of the walk, he was the boy with the big stick, and Paunnie just seemed stunned. The universe is karmic, I say.
Parenthetically, I must tell you that I could care less about sticks. I just like to run through the trail and get as much exercise as I can while mom and Auntie Belle talk about the real estate market and everybody’s work problems.
They are using the walk to vent and regain their perspective. I’m a dog; I never lose my perspective.
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The Importance of Walking

I got caught self-walking! Mom didn’t get us walked early enough today.  I think I woke her up in the middle of the night when I knocked over the two ergonomic dishes we use for water, and then Paunnie barked at me.  She thought it was the raccoon again and came running out of her room.

So she didn’t get up early enough to walk us before Pilates, and I was pissed.  First I unrolled all the toidy paper, but it got stuck in my mouth, so that wasn’t fun.  Then I discovered that once again, the back gate was open.
I was just sauntering out for a stroll around the neighborhood when she arrived home from Pilates.  I could see I taught her a lesson, because she grabbed the leashes and took us out right away.
As we passed all the other dogs in the neighborhood who have to stay home alone all day — the one that wails all day, the one that barks all day –I felt really lucky! I have my mom trained.