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A Famous Civil Liberties Lawyer Visits Us

This is Blu.  He’s a rescue dog, and he still has that worried look, as though life weren’t perfect. I’m a rescue dog, but I think life is pretty good.  I’ll tell you a little about me later.

This week, Blu is visiting us at Camp Fluppy Puppy. His dad is Dan Pochoda, who throws balls at us endlessly. He loves us, and he’s very patient with me.  Oh yeah, he’ s a famous lawyer,  but my civil liberties are intact, so I don’t pay much attention to his prowess. At defending civil liberties OR at throwing balls.
Oh, by the way, I don’t fetch. I mean I aggressively don’t fetch. In the ocean when they are all fetching, I swim in the opposite direction. On the hikes, when they are fetching, I try to cut them off. Or I run after a horse that is corralled along our trail. One time I ran around and around behind that horse, and I thought it was a lot of fun. The owner of the horse told my mom that I could have gotten kicked and knocked out.  Who knew? 
One time I ran into a big corral with lots of horses and an electrified fence. My mom had some student entrepreneurs from Club E with her and they were having a business meeting mixed with taking me and Paunnie for our morning walk. They looked the other way, and I saw my moment to meet those horses.  I think they didn’t like me.  Their front feet and back feet kept going up and down like they wanted to push me away. My mom’s student, Kevin, finally ran through a field of horse shit over to the corral to catch me. He was wearing dress pants and dress shoes, because he was going to a meeting later.
I tried not to let him get me, but he grabbed me. And then he got shocked going under the electrified fence. I thought it was pretty funny, but I think he ruined his shoes.  He didn’t smell good, either.

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