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I Look Left

Originally uploaded by hardaway

Whenever we’re on a walk, I’m the guy who heads off in the opposite direction. Bluey is pointed wherever mom and Dan and the other dogs are going, but I see something off to the left (I’m wearing red) and I will go there. I’m not insecure like Paunnie and Bluey, and even Ko, who stick with their peeps. I know I am resourceful because I was a stray at one time and I took care of my baby self. I know that I can run off and investigate something and still get myself back to the group just before mom calls the police to report me lost. And besides, I have a chip.

The chip will send me back to Rescue a Golden of Arizona, though. That would be just awful at that time of year.

When I wander off, most of the time I chase birds, but like I told you, I sometimes see horses. Or even another dog. I don’t understand why no one has any intellectual curiosity. I’m out to learn everything.

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