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The Importance of Walking

I got caught self-walking! Mom didn’t get us walked early enough today.  I think I woke her up in the middle of the night when I knocked over the two ergonomic dishes we use for water, and then Paunnie barked at me.  She thought it was the raccoon again and came running out of her room.

So she didn’t get up early enough to walk us before Pilates, and I was pissed.  First I unrolled all the toidy paper, but it got stuck in my mouth, so that wasn’t fun.  Then I discovered that once again, the back gate was open.
I was just sauntering out for a stroll around the neighborhood when she arrived home from Pilates.  I could see I taught her a lesson, because she grabbed the leashes and took us out right away.
As we passed all the other dogs in the neighborhood who have to stay home alone all day — the one that wails all day, the one that barks all day –I felt really lucky! I have my mom trained.

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