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Hospital Costs Rise Again

I have personal experience with this. My brother Chauncey is in the hospital. It’s an outpatient procedure, but it’s going to cost our mom dearly.  She said so.

  She  had to take Paunnie to the vet this morning because he has an ear infliction. (Is that what she said?) When she got there, the vet showed her a picture of the inside of his ear on a computer monitor called the “EarCam.” After she wiped herself up off the floor and quit flogging herself for being a crummy puppy mom (she’s not!) the vet said Paunnie would have to be sedated and his ear cleaned out and we couldn’t pick him up until 3:30 PM.
While she was out, the campers at Camp Fluppy Puppy opened up the dog biscuits and fed ourselves. I’m full now.  She doesn’t give us enough food. I’m glad Boda suggested the self-feeding.
This Paunnie thing is a real bummer. I’ve been shaking my head myself since we’ve been swimming, and I wonder if I have something coming on? I don’t want the EarCam. It sounds awful. And awfully expensive.

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