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While Foreclosures Increase…

We continue to go to camp. We are not affected by real estate market oscillations. Our only real estate is the POST trail on the Coastside in California. But we had quite an adventurous walk this morning.  Paunnie and Bo got into an immediate fight over a stick. 

Paunnie won. It was a bummer for Bo.
Bo had to sit around and watch Paunnie play, and you could see he was depressed.
He kept on trying to get it from Paunnie, and Aunt Chelsea kept trying to create distractions, but nothing worked. Paunnie is that kind of obsessive who only gets more stubborn when you try to change his mind.
His teeth grip harder and harder. And poor Bo was looking real sad
But he figured out a way to triumph. He took his little brother Ko and they both disappeared into the foliage. When they emerged, each one was carrying a stick. Then he seemed a lot happier. At the end of the walk, he was the boy with the big stick, and Paunnie just seemed stunned. The universe is karmic, I say.
Parenthetically, I must tell you that I could care less about sticks. I just like to run through the trail and get as much exercise as I can while mom and Auntie Belle talk about the real estate market and everybody’s work problems.
They are using the walk to vent and regain their perspective. I’m a dog; I never lose my perspective.

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