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Barking Dogs

Today we had a big surprise. I went out in the morning and saw that usual dog loose behind our fence and I barked at it. I guess the people next door don’t like that. So we had a visit from a woman in a blue uniform who had a badge that said “Sheriff.”

I charmed her. When she came to the door, Paunnie and I barked, but then I stopped and laid down by mom’s feet as soon as she came into the house. So did Paunnie. We faked being well-behaved, and the woman fell for it. She loved us!! She even petted us. We shedded all over her blue uniform.

So then mom asked her what we did wrong. She said there was an ordinance that neighbors were entitled not to be disturbed, She said it was an ordinance, not a law, and the worst that could happen to us was that animal control could come out and cite us. But we couldn’t be taken away or anything.

The blue woman then apologized for the fact that we had grumpy neighbors.

Mom always yells at us when we bark. Now I know why.

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