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How Do You Lose a Leash?

Today on our walk, the last big outing of the 2007 Camp Fluppy Puppy season, I lost my leash. I don’t know how I did it, but I came home without it. We were almost home after going out to lunch at Cafe Classique on a beautiful day, and Paunnie and I were on the coupler. Paunnie found a baseball, and was carrying it home. I swear, he always finds a ball or a stick.

So the ball dropped as we were walking down the hill to our house, and Paunnie ran after it. Mommis let him go off the coupler to get it, and then I wrestled loose, too. Paunnie did his usual–found the ball and went right back to Mommis. I find that wimpy.

I took a detour through somebody’s front yard, just to see what was there. Then I swear, I went straight home. But when I got home, I was wearing just the piece of coupler. Mommis went back out to retrace my steps to find it, but she didn’t really know where I went on my exploratory detour, so she never found it.

And now I’m depressed. Mommis packed her suitcase and is going back to Arizona, the hot place with the big backyard, tomorrow. We are getting driven home on Thursday in Mommis’ car. Mommis will get home by flapping her wings. She said, “I’m flying home.” Mommis is some kind of big bird! What a surprise.

Unless Auntie Belle visits us every day, we will be pretty miz until Thursday when Charlie drops us off. I know I live in the present, but I really can’t wait to be back in Phoenix with Mommis and maybe Uncle Dan and Bluey. If camp is going to be over, let it be over! That’s living in the present.

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