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Will I Be Pardoned Like Nixon, or Commuted Like Scooter Libby?

I think I did a lotta things wrong today. Mommis was really mad. You judge.

When we went for our walk, I got a little warm, so I jumped into the lake at Indian School Park and went swimming.  Only thing was, it was too close to 8 AM and I think the Parks Department people saw me. That will make them mad at Mommis.
And then I was all wet when I came into the house, and tracked it up really good.  Also I had a really expensive bath about two days ago, and now I smell like irrigation water instead of almond shampoo.
That wasn’t too bad. Bluey didn’t mind how I smelled.  He came over and visited us and we played with our new temporary toys from Costco.  We have them until Dan orders the Kong balls from, which takes forever to deliver. So Mommis got the temporary toys. I like them.
But when Mommis went out to dinner I got bored. I just wanted to see if the toidy paper would follow me through the house, so I took one end in my teeth.  Sure enough! It did.  Almost into the living room. That was the close bathroom, so I thought I’d experiment with the far bathroom. That toidy paper went a lo-o-o-ng way toward the living room: down the whole corridor!!!!
And then Mommis was reading this book she didn’t like, so I thought I would take care of it for her. I chewed it into a bunch of little pieces, and now she doesn’t have to finish it.
Why is she mad at me?  I was just trying to help…When she came home she was just yelling NO, NO, NO all over the place.  Does she mean me? I love her.

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