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Powerless against my Addiction

Help, me Puppygods. I am powerless against this new addiction to rolls of toidy paper. Today Olivia came and cleaned the whole house. While she was here, I noticed that she was getting a roll of toidy paper out of the bathroom cabinet, and that there was a big bunch of rolls in a plastic bag. Mommis must’ve got them at Costco. They weren’t there last week.

Mommis gave us dinner and then went out to the Social Media Club. I got bored, and I remembered the rolls of toidy paper. So I went and got one and tore it in little pieces. That was big fun, so I got another one, and another, and another.

It was pretty tiring doing all the work of tearing up all those rolls, so at the end of it I just laid down on the kitchen table to wait for Mommis.

When she came home, she was silently furious. I know she was, because she had to get on her hands and knees and crawl around the floor to pick everything up. I tp’ed the whole living room.

I just stood on the table and watched. Not much I could do on this end.

I think I’m a little thirsty, too.

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