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Sunday in the Dog Park

It finally cooled off here, and Mommis took us to the dog park.  Paunnie tries to get me to play with him there, but I ignore him because I can always see him at home. At the park, I like to meet new peeps.

 I love it there, because there’s this Irish setter who I can run with. There are also a couple of thug Boxers who like to mess with me, but I charm them with my karmic demeanor. And of course there are a bunch of goldens and great Danes.

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, because I ate a whole loaf of 12 grain bread on Thursday and it gave me gas. I left over the plastic wrapper, so I thought I’d be okay, but maybe it was the fiber that got to me. You should have seen what Mommis had to pick up in the dog park. But I’m okay now.

On second thought, maybe I’m just dehydrated from eating all the toidy paper.

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