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Mommis’s Strange Toy

So do you know what this thing on the floor is? Mommis wears it under her clothes. And when she’s done with it for the day she puts it in a basket in her closet. And then Olivia puts it in the big machine with the water that goes around and then out of the house into the garden. And then it comes back to a shelf in Mommis’ closet until she puts it on again and throws it in the basket. It’s some game Mommis plays. Maybe she gets points for throwing it in the basket, like when Paunnie fetches.

I think it’s fun to get this thing out of the basket when Mommis forgets to close the closet door. Me and Bluey were lonely while Mommis went to yoga (Paunnie was sleeping), so I went and got it out of the basket.

Only Bluey wanted it too, and he pulled on one end while I pulled on the other, and now it doesn’t look like it did. So we left it on the floor. When Mommis came in, Bluey looked all innocent, and I got the blame. But then he picked it up once more, and she caught him!!!!!
Good thing, too.
That Bluey gets away with murder. It’s about time
karma caught up with him.

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