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Mommis is Broken

Look at Mommis’s hand. That’s not how it should look. Mommis is broken, and she can’t use her left hand.

Yesterday she took us to the dog park, and we were running around in the irrigation when one of the parks carts came up and made Mommis put us back on our leashes. Paunnie went back on, but I wasn’t done running around. Then a man came by on a bicycle and yelled at Mommis. Then a pit bull in the dog park started barking at Paunnie.

While I was just running around minding my own business, Paunnie lunged at the pitbull and then Mommis yelled “help” and her hand was spurting blood.

The cart people took her away and a man took Paunnie’s leash. I thought I’d better go with them, so I let the man catch me and put me on the leash. We went back to the park office and watched the men get out of the fire truck and look at Mommis’ hand.

They tried to clean it up, but I knew they wouldn’t get it all done. They gave her a bandage and she took us home. Then she left again. When she got home this time she had a bigger bandage and got into bed for the rest of the day.

And then I got to do my work. I spent all afternoon cleaning her left arm and hand around the bandage. That made me tired, so I fell asleep next to Paunnie’s ball.

And amazingly, I dreamed I was a fetcher!!

What are stitches? What’s a rope cut? What is a severed nerve?

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