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Been doing some thinking

So yesterday a man named Rafael came and cut our front lawn and sprinkled a perfumey brown stuff all over it. Mommis’s friend Steve said he didn’t like the smell, but I loved it. I think it was cow poo, but pureed.

And this morning when we came home from the dog park, Paunnie loved the smell so much that he laid down and rolled in it. But before I could do it, too, Mommis let out a scream and made us go back into the house.

Speaking of that puzzling Mommis, I finally figured out that if I take her socks out of the laundry bag and leave them on the floor, she picks them up and puts them back in the bag. If I want to keep them where I can smell them and lick them any time, I have to hide them. So I’ve begun to stack them up behind the banquette in the kitchen. Only problem was, Mommis looked through the bay window and FOUND them!

In case you are wondering, I tried to eat as much of the banquette as I could, but I can’t get my nose down into the rest of the stuffing.

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