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There he is, innocently sitting in the bay window waiting for mommis. He wants you to think he’s a sweetheart. But the truth is, this morning he ate his breakfast, and then when I went over to get a drink before eating mine, he ate all of mine, too., He just Hoovered it right down while Mommis was brushing her teeth. She heard him from the bathroom, because he’s noisy when he eats that fast, so she ran in to stop him, but there were only about five grains left. And it was my favorite organic salmon food, too.

I usually don’t like to eat until after I exercise, but Paunnie is so hungry all the time that she puts it out before we go. If I don’t eat it, she picks mine up and saves it for me, but I really missed out today. I might not get anything until lunch.

Oh well, I’ll look for stray Bluetooth headsets and IPod earbuds. They make good snacks.

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