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The Incident at the Water Bowls

Mommis took us back to the place where she got broken today. We have a new coupler so we had to walk together, and you could tell that she thought it was going to be a new era because she kept us on our leash almost the whole time and she brought treats and kept saying “good boys.”

We got through this without incident, and she did let us run a little, when nobody was looking. This is the prettiest park in the middle of a city, but the dog park part of it is the worse part: it has decomposed granite, which gets in between my toes and is hot in the summer, and it doesn’t have any water. Mommis keeps threatening to call the Mayor, who is her old friend, about it, but then she just takes us to the Biltmore golf course instead.

Today we went to the big dog park where the pit bulls play. Uncle Dan came and brought Bluey, and left him at our house. Then Mommis went to yoga, and something happened with us and the water bowls. It all happened pretty fast, and then the floor was wet, and we walked into Mommis’s room and got up on her bed, and then I saw that we got her bed dirty, and then we tracked it all through the living room and kitchen. I don’t know how that all got so dirty, but when Mommis came home she stunned us all by sweeping AND vaccuming. I didn’t know she knew how to do either of those things. Olivia does them.

So it exhausted us to watch her. Paunnie and Bluey crapped out first, but I waited until I was sure she was going to get on the bed, and then I felt it was safe to take a little rest. I hate that vacuum. Frankly, I don’t even like the broom.

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