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I fought a bird

I fought a bird
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This thing I am looking at? I don’t know what it is, but I thought Mommis was going to hit me with it when she came home and found the bird feathers all over the kitchen.

She didn’t hit me, but she did use this to clean up the feathers, and when it suddenly got quiet she took it over to the garbage (one of my favorite spots in the kitchen) and dumped all the feathers in the garbage. She still hasn’t found the whole bird. I have it hidden. But I have forgotten where I hid it. I am a dog, and I live in the present. That was then, this is now.

Now is that we are having another sleepover with Bluey. And Mommis bought a Leopard last night. When she takes the Leopard out of the box, should I be scared?

Probably not. I won the fight with the bird.

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