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Buppy the investment advisor

Buppy the investment advisor
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Mommis brought this home with her from a meeting and left it on the kitchen table. I thought it was for me. She went out for dinner, and I chewed on it and tried to digest it for her. It wasn’t easy. It took a long time to get the spiral binder loose.

It wasn’t very good, so I only got the bottom done. I ate up Private, but gave up on Offering Memorandum. I left it on the kitchen floor for her.

It wasn’t for me. It was for Ed. She yelled that at me when she came home. “Buppy, no es para ti.” (She thinks she’s cool cuz she’s learning Spanish from Olivia.) “This is for Ed.”

So it vanished from the house. But that’s okay. I have formed my opinion. If she wants to invest, fine. But she has convinced me it’s not for a perro (dog in Spanish).

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