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Buppy Dines In

Buppy dines in
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Yesterday Mommis got up very early and her friend took her away from us. When she came back, she had a patch over her left eye, but she took us to the dog park anyway with her friend. Then we got in bed with her and spent the day.

When she took the patch off, she told us she didn’t need her glasses anymore, and she didn’t wear them all day. Ed came and picked her up for dinner, and she went to one of those meetings where the computer also goes but we don’t. It’s called Stealthmode Roundtable. I don’t know if the tables are round. We have a round table in our dining room, though.

Since I figured Mommis wouldn’t need these anymore, I helped her by getting rid of them. I tried to get out both lenses, but only one would pop. The earpieces tasted great, and I think I swallowed a nose piece.

When she came home, Mommis wasn’t even mad. And this morning the eye doctor told her that she was in the top 3% of results for cataract surgery and her vision is 20/20, almost as good as mine. We will probably never see those glasses again.

Oh, and she took us to Starbucks this morning and people totally loved us on the patio. We shedded all over their blue suits.

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