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Why I Threw Up

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In the middle of the dining room table, Mommis keeps a bowl of candy. Ed gave it to her for Christmas.

I didn’t know you could eat it, until I saw Mommis take one. So I knew it must be good. So when she left for the Barack Obama rally and I was bored, I grabbed some.

It tasted good, but it didn’t go down very well. Maybe I was supposed to take off the wrappers first. But there were so many wrappers and so little time. I didn’t know when she was coming home.

Luckily, when she came home, she was worried about Paunnie, who was iimping, so she didn’t even notice me.

I still had a pretty good buzz on at the dog park this morning, but I sure wasn’t hungry for breakfast.

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We Got Lucky!

All three of us
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It rained all day today, and I thought we weren’t going anywhere. We were pretty restless by the middle of the afternoon, and Mommis was playing on her computer again. But then the rain let up for a minute, and she got a good idea!

She took us to the Biltmore golf course. It was raining, so there weren’t any peeps and we had it all to our selves. We ran around and chased bunnies and even went swimming.

I got kinda wet. It was worth it. She had to dry twelve feet before she let us into the house again.

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Mavericks at Low Tide, without ME

She did it again. She escaped to California. I know where this is. It’s Mavericks, and it’s low tide. Look at Cousin Bo and Cousin Ko in the tide pools with Auntie Belle and Mommis. Looks like a beautiful day up there in Half Moon Bay, too. Here it’s nice, but I’m trapped in the yard. The dog park is closed for the Indian Fair, so I can’t go anywhere. I hope Bluey comes over.

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World Famous Blogger with Mother

She always does this to me. When I lay down to take a nap, she comes over and brushes me, pets me, cuddles me, or otherwise disturbs me. But this morning it was worse than usual, because after she brushed me she brought her computer into the bed and started experimenting with Photo Booth.

This is probably not my favorite picture of me; I would prefer it if I were smiling. She probably picked it because SHE is smiling.

Relationships are always difficult.

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Buppy Makes His Own CES

Buppy Goes to CES
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I think this headset was last year’s model. Doesn’t it look old school to you?

It didn’t look good on Mommis, either. And when I took it out in the backyard and took it apart, it didn’t taste very good either. But it was interesting to see how they put those together.

I’ve taken enough of them apart now to reverse engineer a Bluetooth headset, so pretty soon I will be able to produce a better one, and perhaps it will be a hit at next year’s CES. I know Mommis said she will never go back, but if we are launching “buppy blogger’s bluetooth,” I know she will.

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Asserting my Rights to Mommis

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Mommis left early yesterday to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. She left us alone all day, and it rained, so we had to stay in. When she came home at night, I knew she was tired, I could see it on her face, and I knew she’d go straight to bed. It was way past her bed time. But when I tried to get up on the bed to snuggle with her, Paunnie was already there. He’s always there. He lays down in the middle of the bed every night. I hop up there, but then I have to sleep on the floor.

Last night, I had to wrestle him to the ground on the bed. I knew Mommis wanted to play with me for a change. But even when he’s on bottom, he still kind of has me pinned. He’s just so much bigger than I am.

We didn’t leave Mommis much room to get on the bed, either.