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Asserting my Rights to Mommis

Originally uploaded by hardaway

Mommis left early yesterday to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. She left us alone all day, and it rained, so we had to stay in. When she came home at night, I knew she was tired, I could see it on her face, and I knew she’d go straight to bed. It was way past her bed time. But when I tried to get up on the bed to snuggle with her, Paunnie was already there. He’s always there. He lays down in the middle of the bed every night. I hop up there, but then I have to sleep on the floor.

Last night, I had to wrestle him to the ground on the bed. I knew Mommis wanted to play with me for a change. But even when he’s on bottom, he still kind of has me pinned. He’s just so much bigger than I am.

We didn’t leave Mommis much room to get on the bed, either.

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