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I’m so embarrassed! Mommis took us to the Biltmore Golf Course this morning because it was frozen, and she wanted to show it to Aunt Carolyn and Lucky Lane and the Little Man. Bluey (left) was with us, too. We had a fun walk, but at the end of it everybody loaded up in Carolyn’s SUV and I didn’t want to go yet. So I thought I’d fool around and make Mommis catch me. I ran around and around, but she didn’t see me. Finally I realized every dog was in the car but me, and I loaded up–BUT I GOT IN THE WRONG CAR!!!

Some contractor was parked next to us and he had his trunk open. I took a flying leap, and the only way I realized I was in the wrong spot was when I sat on the battery and cables in his trunk!

So glad she didn’t get a picture of that. I jumped out as fast as I could.

Shame on me.

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