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Sadie under control!

Sadie under control!
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Oh man, I started something this morning. Mommis took us to the 3rd Street dog park with Aunt Carolyn and her three kids: the Little Man (Maltese), Lucky (my size) and Sadie. Sadie’s the one in the picture. She’s ten, and she limps sometimes when we go walking, so Aunt Carolyn doesn’t take her every day.

You know how there’s that lake in the 3rd Street park? The one you’re not supposed to fim in? The one with the fish in it and the birds on top?

Well…I always take a short detour into it on the way back to the car. Mommis already knows I do this, and she allows for it, although I can always hear her calling “Buppy, Bupster,” just in case the ranger is there and thinks she’s being irresponsible. Actually, I know she’s being nice; looking the other way so I can have some fun.

Problem is, Sadie doesn’t know the rules, and she doesn’t multi task either, I found out today. When I jumped in, she decided to give it a try and went in after me. Then she saw the birds. I think she’s some kind of bird dog, because she began following them, and she was fimmin’ and fimmin’ long after I got out.

I can multi task, and I always listen to Mommis eventually. Sadie is much braver than I am. Mommis and Carolyn even sent Paunnie out to get Sadie, but he lost his ball in the lake and started fimmin’ after it, instead of Sadie. And then he forgot, and came out.

Sadie is some kind of fimmin’ machine! Must have been fifteen minutes of yelling before she finally decided to get out. She chased those birds all over the lake. I’m impressed. I don’t think she’s an old lady anymore.

I bet she sleeps all day, though.

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