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We have terrible news about Sadie. She has a big tumor. She was having trouble walking on one paw, which she turned under. Carolyn took her to the vet, and he took out the tumor. But underneath, he found ANOTHER tumor that was wrapped around the nerve in her front paw. He didn’t think he could get it out, and he thought it might be cancer.

Sadie is either ten or twelve. Carolyn doesn’t remember. Carolyn has been sleeping with Sadie, but she thinks it might be time for Sadie to go night-night like Paunnie told me Emmett did. If Sadie can’t walk or swim, will she be Sadie?

Do dogs get depressed? I’m not depressed, but I self-walked around the whole neighborhood yesterday. If I couldn’t do that, I’d be depressed. If Sadie has to go night-night, I will feel sad, but I will understand.She has had a good life, and I’m glad we got to take her to the park with us. She loved it there.

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