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Get That Gato!

There’s a gato in this pampas grass. I know there is. But this morning I made a big mistake. When we got out of the car from the dog park, I bolted for it. I thought I saw it out of the corner of my nose.But I had my leash on.

I got stuck in the plant and couldn’t get out. I flapped my arms wildly, and luckily Mommis heard me. She was scared, and the plant was too thick for her to go in, so she woke up Jerry, who lives with us temporarily while he and his fiancee
are saving for their own place.

I knew Jerry would drag me home by the collar, so I did my best to get out by myself. When he came, I was able to show him my face, so at least Mommis knew I was safe. I thought he would go away then. But he didn’t. He grabbed me by the collar and dragged me home.

And mommis says I’m on restrictions and she has threatened me with a Gentle Leader, or puppy school. Eeeek! I’m too old for puppy training. I was two on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Get That Gato!

  1. Wondering what a Gato is and what the warning was. Couldn’t open it.
    But I do knw that the Gentle Leader has been great for our wild assed Golden, Stella. But then she does not have Buppy’s freedoms: alas only off the leash in the fenced yard.

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