Posted in Justin Crossman, Steele Indian School Park

Hardware v. Software: and I Love that Park

Mommis always says she’s a geek. She buys all these toys and sits around playing with them all day while I take my nap. Like her iPhone. he took pictures of us yesterday on her iPhone.

But she sucks at them. Especially the hardware ones. I like the hardware ones because I can take them into the backyard and play with them while she goes to Houston’s. Sometimes they taste good, too. Like the blue tooth headsets. I love them. Or the cameras.

She says she’s good at the software ones. I can’t see them. I don’t even know where the software is.

But Maddie’s daddy, Justin Crossman, is a real geek. He told me that you’re not supposed to eat hardware. He made this movie of us at the park yesterday, using his phone. Maddie does not eat her daddy’s phone, but I don’t know why not.

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