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Trying to Get Well

While Mommis was away helping Auntie Belle say goodbye to Kodie, I was getting sicker and sicker. I was limping before she left, and she took me to the place where they give dogs needles, but he couldn’t find anything.

By Friday night, I felt really awful. I had a high fever and I was shaking, so I asked Jerry and Jamie, who were watching me, to take me to the Emergency vet. It was 2 AM. Jerry called Mommis and she said it was okay, so we went there. I shouldn’t have said anything.

It turned out I had a temperature of 107! They put me right under sedation because when they tried to touch me to find out what was happening, I couldn’t let them. It hurt too much, and it was under my chest. I always hate it when somebody tries to put me on my bel-bel.

It turned out I have cellulitis, and I think I got it from being hit by a cat. Or did they say bit by a cat? Anyway, I had to stay overnight and go on heavy anti-bis. Next thing I knew it was the next morning and I was going back to Dr. Ferrero, the guy who gives me needles. I slept there for a day or so, and the next thing I knew, there was Mommis. Finally!

So she took me home, and last night she fed me Aidell’s chicken sausage. It was much better than California Natural. I still felt crappy. And even though I went on our walk this morning with Lucky and the Little Man, I had trouble keeping up. I’ve been sleeping where you see me all day long.

I think it’s sardines for dinner.

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R.I.P. Kodie

Mommis is miz. Auntie Belle and Uncle Nell had to put Kodie to sleep this morning. He got a very virulent form of cancer and got sick and died just in a week. And he was only four. We will miss him at camp, but he’s in the great Skybox with a great view of all the rest of us. He will see us running and playing and we will feel his presence.

Just yesterday Mommis told me he was out walking and fetching, but this morning he wouldn’t get out of bed, so Mommis and Auntie Belle took him to the place where dogs go goodnight.

Not much more I can say about this, except good thing I live in the present moment. Auntie Belle and Mommis are currently living in the past. Uncle Nell is living in the future, begging for a new puppy.

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Kodie Has Cancer, Too

How can it be? Kodie is only 4, and he has cancer.

Mommis went up to be with Belle because she was so sad. Kodie is in the hospital.

But then Mommis went to see him in the hospital, and he jumped out and went for a walk with Bo and Belle and Mommis.

Mommis and Auntie Belle are going to give him all the good food they can find so he will stay stronger longer.

We love him. He’s so beautiful. We are happy to have him in our lives, even for a while. We don’t know how much longer, but if he is happy, we are happy.

I miss Mommis, though. And I’m limping, too. Yesterday I could hardly walk and Mommis took me to the vet before she left town. I faked it for the vet. He gave me pills that taste great. Anti-somethings.

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Thank God, No More Timberwolf

I hated that Timberwolf. That’s why I grazed on bras and head sets–to fill myself up so I wouldn’t have to eat that awful food. Mommis thought I was being snooty, or that I didn’t like breakfast, but actually I was trying to tell her something: I hated that food so much I only ate when I was ravenous, and at the end of the day I was ravenous so I had to eat din, and then at night I ate anything I could get my paws on.

California Natural is much better, and now I line up by my bowl the way Paunnie does. And oh, by the way, she feeds me right by the garbage and then she wonders why I get confused and open the garbage can when I get hungry.

Look where Paunnie eats. He eats at the table. Clearly he’s the main man and I’m the after-dog.

Is that because she got him first? Or because I was a rescue? I’m feeling a little insecure this morning. I’m going to present myself on her bed and see if I can get a little attention before the dog park.

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Golden day at the dog park

Golden day at the dog park
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Guess what? I took Mommis’s wallet out of her closet and tried to put it in the back yard. I dropped it in the living room, though. Luckily (that used to be my name), I was able to get the money out into the backyard. I put it next to her underpants. I thought she’d never find it.

But when she came home from dinner, she immediately looked in her purse, which she had left hanging on a closet door, and saw the wallet was gone. And then she followed the trail. She even found the money in the dark. I have such a smart Mommis!

Sunday was such a great day at the dog park; all the goldens were out, including some blondies. But it’s hot in Phoenix already, so we hung out in the shade.

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Morning at the Arizona Biltmore

Me and Paunnie, we love this golf course. You have to get there very early in the morning, before the people who walk around chasing the little balls that could hit a dog in the head.

Mommis told me that.

We like to go in the lake. Paunnie goes fimmin, but I just walk around in the water by the edge. Why bother fimmin?

I saw a big bird here this morning with a long neck. Mommis tried to take a picture of it but she couldn’t get close enough. Then I made it fly. I can make any bird fly.

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My New Haircut

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I’m not sure about this. I think it looks good, and everybody thinks it looks good, but is it me? I still can’t tell. It certainly makes me look thinner.

We went to the park today and I was a real hit. I was cooler, too. But I’m still in an adjustment period.