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Golden day at the dog park

Golden day at the dog park
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Guess what? I took Mommis’s wallet out of her closet and tried to put it in the back yard. I dropped it in the living room, though. Luckily (that used to be my name), I was able to get the money out into the backyard. I put it next to her underpants. I thought she’d never find it.

But when she came home from dinner, she immediately looked in her purse, which she had left hanging on a closet door, and saw the wallet was gone. And then she followed the trail. She even found the money in the dark. I have such a smart Mommis!

Sunday was such a great day at the dog park; all the goldens were out, including some blondies. But it’s hot in Phoenix already, so we hung out in the shade.

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