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Kodie Has Cancer, Too

How can it be? Kodie is only 4, and he has cancer.

Mommis went up to be with Belle because she was so sad. Kodie is in the hospital.

But then Mommis went to see him in the hospital, and he jumped out and went for a walk with Bo and Belle and Mommis.

Mommis and Auntie Belle are going to give him all the good food they can find so he will stay stronger longer.

We love him. He’s so beautiful. We are happy to have him in our lives, even for a while. We don’t know how much longer, but if he is happy, we are happy.

I miss Mommis, though. And I’m limping, too. Yesterday I could hardly walk and Mommis took me to the vet before she left town. I faked it for the vet. He gave me pills that taste great. Anti-somethings.

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