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Not Much Going On Right Now

Mommis took us to Maverick’s this morning and we went fimmin. That was the good part. The bad part was that afterwards she baffered me not once, but twice. The first one wasn’t so bad, ‘cuz she used the hose. But the second time she took me in the shower with her, put the soap on me, and then blew me dry until I ran away. Then I ran around looking for someone to play with, but Bo and Paunnie were already in Dog Down Time. I’m bored!

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Today’s Trail Walk

Mommis took us to the trail in Montara this morning. It was warm and sunny, and I loved it because it had lots of horse poo.

Mommis doesn’t like it when I eat horse poo, but it smells and tastes so good! And since Mommis changed us over to human food, I’ve been feeling like a million bucks. Yesterday we had chicken sausage and blueberries and peas. Can you believe it? We still have a little of that kibble stuff, but not like we used to.

Auntie Belle has converted Mommis to cooking for us.

Well, not exactly cooking, but at least giving us food from the refrigerator and the table. My life has certainly improved.

Paunnie only likes kibble, though. And he tops it off with pieces of tennis ball and shards of pine cone.

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@brianshaler follows us!!! And not on Twitter

Guess who showed up tonight? Mommis’ friend Brian Shaler from Phoenix. He’s one of my favorites because he comes to the dog park with us. Him and Justin Crossman.

But Justin Crossman has a dog. Brian Shaler doesn’t even have a dog. He comes anyway, because he and Mommis are planning something big. I know it’s going to be big because Mommis jumps up and down and gets very excited talking about it.

It’s called “MeatWeeekAZ.” Or maybe it’s “FeedMeAz?”
Oh, rats. I just found out its GeekWeekAz, and I don’t even know what that means. I guess it’s not for me after all.

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My New Cousin

So I arrive in Half Moon Bay, I barely get to sniff around to see if anything has changed, and in comes Cousin Bo. Cousin Bo has lost his BFF, Kodie, and he’s clearly sad, but since Auntie Belle has been cooking for him, he has great looking fur and a lot of muscle tone.

The first thing he tells me is that he’s getting a new BFF–a puppy. My new cousin has already been born, and he’s living with his mother and 8 brothers and sisters until next weekend. Then Auntie Belle take him home, and he joins camp.

This will be tricky, because he will only be 8 weeks old, and I don’t think he can walk as far as we can. That’s him on the left with his brother. Right now he’s called Greenbeana, but I know Auntie Belle will give him a big name. My big name is Luckily Puppily (Buppily Bo), but most of the time Mommis calls me Buppy, or Buppis Q (Puppis). Or once in a while Lamby Pammy.

Mommis is thinking of calling Greenbeana “Derby” or “Topher.” I’m just gonna bite him and show him who’s boss.

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The Situation Room

When Mommis comes home from doing stuff, she often lays down on the bed with her laptop and watches Wolf Blitzer (is he a dog?) in “The Situation Room.” Or she watches “Hardball,” which is not about fetching unfortunately.

So I thought I’d just get in position.

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Camp Gets Amped

Auntie Belle went and saw some pupnas this morning. There are nine of them, including a big girl named Oprah. I want the girl, but Auntie Belle only wants boys.

This is a boy that Auntie Belle likes. Uncle Nell likes someone else. So it’s impossible to predict who we will get. But the week after camp begins, we will get somebody new: somebody with Coastside genes.

This will be someone to play with ME!

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This sucks

None of Mommis’s web cams or phone cams are working, and she is missing important moments in my life. The other night, I returned Larry’s wallet, which I had borrowed last month, and she couldn’t take a picture of it.

And just today, she had Jerry and Larry give me a bath outside because she thought I smelled like dog shit. Probably I did. We’ve been to the park every morning, and I wrestle that Lucky Lane. She’s a tough girl, and sometimes we roll over and over in the grass.

She thought I looked so cute during my baffer, but she couldn’t take a picture of me ‘cuz she had no camera. I guess her digital camera is in our California house, and we don’t get there until Saturday morning. Jerry is driving us up there starting late Friday night.

I don’t look forward to the trip, especially since there will be three humans in the car — Jerry and Jamie and Larry, and two dogs. I probably won’t get my favorite spot in the ‘way back.’

But when we get there, Camp Fluppy Puppy will begin!