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Camp Gets Amped

Auntie Belle went and saw some pupnas this morning. There are nine of them, including a big girl named Oprah. I want the girl, but Auntie Belle only wants boys.

This is a boy that Auntie Belle likes. Uncle Nell likes someone else. So it’s impossible to predict who we will get. But the week after camp begins, we will get somebody new: somebody with Coastside genes.

This will be someone to play with ME!

One thought on “Camp Gets Amped

  1. Buppy! Boda here. Can’t wait for camp.

    You think we could add a girl to our brood? How would she handle us all? Won’t she feel ganged up on? I don’t think Mommis likes girls; you should hear the things she says to that girl Hillary whenever she shows up on our TV.

    Mommis says she’s going to try to go back tomorrow for further inspecting …make your wishes for gender or names known!

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