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This sucks

None of Mommis’s web cams or phone cams are working, and she is missing important moments in my life. The other night, I returned Larry’s wallet, which I had borrowed last month, and she couldn’t take a picture of it.

And just today, she had Jerry and Larry give me a bath outside because she thought I smelled like dog shit. Probably I did. We’ve been to the park every morning, and I wrestle that Lucky Lane. She’s a tough girl, and sometimes we roll over and over in the grass.

She thought I looked so cute during my baffer, but she couldn’t take a picture of me ‘cuz she had no camera. I guess her digital camera is in our California house, and we don’t get there until Saturday morning. Jerry is driving us up there starting late Friday night.

I don’t look forward to the trip, especially since there will be three humans in the car — Jerry and Jamie and Larry, and two dogs. I probably won’t get my favorite spot in the ‘way back.’

But when we get there, Camp Fluppy Puppy will begin!

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