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My New Cousin

So I arrive in Half Moon Bay, I barely get to sniff around to see if anything has changed, and in comes Cousin Bo. Cousin Bo has lost his BFF, Kodie, and he’s clearly sad, but since Auntie Belle has been cooking for him, he has great looking fur and a lot of muscle tone.

The first thing he tells me is that he’s getting a new BFF–a puppy. My new cousin has already been born, and he’s living with his mother and 8 brothers and sisters until next weekend. Then Auntie Belle take him home, and he joins camp.

This will be tricky, because he will only be 8 weeks old, and I don’t think he can walk as far as we can. That’s him on the left with his brother. Right now he’s called Greenbeana, but I know Auntie Belle will give him a big name. My big name is Luckily Puppily (Buppily Bo), but most of the time Mommis calls me Buppy, or Buppis Q (Puppis). Or once in a while Lamby Pammy.

Mommis is thinking of calling Greenbeana “Derby” or “Topher.” I’m just gonna bite him and show him who’s boss.

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