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Today’s Trail Walk

Mommis took us to the trail in Montara this morning. It was warm and sunny, and I loved it because it had lots of horse poo.

Mommis doesn’t like it when I eat horse poo, but it smells and tastes so good! And since Mommis changed us over to human food, I’ve been feeling like a million bucks. Yesterday we had chicken sausage and blueberries and peas. Can you believe it? We still have a little of that kibble stuff, but not like we used to.

Auntie Belle has converted Mommis to cooking for us.

Well, not exactly cooking, but at least giving us food from the refrigerator and the table. My life has certainly improved.

Paunnie only likes kibble, though. And he tops it off with pieces of tennis ball and shards of pine cone.

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