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What’s Ransom?

Auntie Belle has me. She took me and Paunnie to her house because Mommis is traipsing around New York City, self-walking at her high school reunion. She doesn’t even have her leash on.

Auntie Belle loves me now because I entertain my little cousin Taylor. Tayles thinks I rock the world because I will play with him. Bo won’t really do that, and Paunnie is trying to discipline him with some sharp growls. Only I will wrestle with him. I think it’s big fun to have a puppy.

Auntie Belle has good days and bad days with Tayles. I can see that he gives her fits when she has to work. She should crate him more. Mommis crated Paunnie. Nobody crated me. And so I eat things I shouldn’t. Even I know that. Besides, I like Tayles’ crate; it has all the toys in it and a soft fur rug. I wanna go in it. Mommis went in it to show Tayles how to live in it. Mommis looked really funny in the crate. But not quite as funny as she looks when Paunnie makes her lay on her tummer on the floor with a broom playing bed-broom-billiards with her.

That’s when he puts his ball under the bed purposely and she has to get it out for him to make him stop crying. It’s his favorite game.

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