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Big Day at Camp Fluppy Puppy

Today was a big day at camp Fluppy Puppy. All the campers were here. That’s me next to the puppy, Taylor, and Bo with the open mouth, and Paunnie in the back.

If you look at Little Taylor, you can see that while last week he had gotten chubby and longer, last night he got higher. His legs grew. He also is more fun for me to play with! He likes to jump on me.

Today Auntie Belle brought everybody over, but Tayles likes me the best. That’s cause I never ignore him, like Bo sometimes does, or try to train him by growling, like Paunnie does. I think Paunnie is mean to him sometimes, but he explained to me that Bemmie trained him that way, too, and it’s probably effective in making him a pack dog.

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