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I Try to Nap

I Try to Nap
Originally uploaded by hardaway

So I’m layin’ on the floor of Mommis’s office after lunch while she’s on Newsgang. I know she doesn’t want any noise, but Taylor is still too new to know this, so he jumps me–and all of a sudden it’s Wrestlemania and Mommis is wildly pressing the mute button so she can pretend to be professional.

She not. Paunnie and Bo are wildly barking outside, because Snoopy’s out. Snoopy’s not his real name. He’s the next door dog with a blue eye and a brown eye, and every once in a while he comes outside and stands on his dog house staring into pir yard.

We know he’s jeal. He wants to play with us and he’s all alone. So we all talk to him during the day over ths fence.

We are good neighbors.

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