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I hated these

Buppy’s latest
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These were by Ed Hardy, that gaudy pseudo-Harley designer from L.A. I don’t know what she was thinking when she bought those. They have been on my nerves for months. Once before I ate them, and she went out and replaced them. But it’s so near the end of the summer that she won’t do it again.

Cheap sunglasses are all she needs. I keep telling her that. She doesn’t wear them much anyway, because we summer in Half Moon Bay where it’s foggy.

She’s really hard to train, and I’ve given her all the love I can summon.

Oh, and today she had them cut off my hair into that lamby-pamby cut again. I’m not letting her photograph me.

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I Love Miramar

Buppy at Miramar
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Mommis takes us to Miramar about once a week. This week the weather sucked, so we didn’t go. And tomorrow I get my fur cut off, so I won’t look like this anymore.

Mommis says I need to get cut because I always smell like ocean or like pee. That’s because everybody used to pee on me. Now they pee on Tailkey, the puppy, so why do they think I still smell.

Anyway, I’m getting ready for Bluey to come and visit us. He comes next Sunday with Uncle Dan. I can’t wait to see them. Uncle Dan will throw the ball for Paunnie, and he will pet me and laugh at me. I know he loves me.

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Mommis Goes to the Ritz. I don’t

I love the Ritz. Dogs can go. She just didn’t bring me. She went to a Tweetup and Loic LeMeur took this picture of her having a good time without me.

I fixed her. I got in the garbage, turned over the whole can and spread it all over the kitchen and dining room floor. There wasn’t much in there to eat, though, just garbage, so I just left it there. I eat plastic, but I don’t eat paper.

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Newsgang Live

Every day at 1 PM Mommis stops everything we are doing and sits down on her fitball in front of the computer. Then she turns on the TV and watches Steve Gillmor on her computer screen. She talks to him, too. But we aren’t allowed to talk at all. It’s very loud and very boring.

So we usually fall asleep. Today Auntie Belle and Uncle Nell came over and sure enough — it was like a sleeping pill! Halfway through Newsgang we were all out like lights. That’s Bo on the bed, and me over by the wall. Taylor the puppy is on his back.

We call it “Dog Down Time.” That’s our name for the show.

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Discipline Please Auntie Belle

I’ve been sick for the last couple of days with this reverse sneezing, snorting kind of thing, and Mommis has had me to the vet. But the vet said I was fine, and I think I am over it now.

But look at Taylor (now we call him Tayles). He has totally bigged out. The size of his arms! And his legs are like that, too.

Unbelievable how gangly he looks. When he came over today for camp, he was much bigger than yesterday.

He jumps in front of me for the food, too, so I am starting to bite him on the ear. Nobody disciplines him but me! That person on the couch? Auntie Belle. All she does is love him. She probably needs to nip him every once in a while to keep him in his place.

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Miramar Beach Can be Fun

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When it isn’t too crowded, Mommis takes us to the beach where dogs can run free. This summer I learned to body surf while Paunnie fetches.

We had a little glitch today, though. Mommis stood in line all day yesterday to get her new iPhone, and she brought it to take pictures of us. And then I took a dump, and when she cleaned it up, she dropped the phone out of her pocket. I saw it, but I thought she knew what she was doing so I didn’t tell her.

She discovered it was missing only after we got to the end of the beach. Then she made us walk all the way back again, looking for it.

Milo’s father called it on his cell phone, and told her someone turned it in to the front desk of the Beach House. She was thrilled!