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We got cheated today. Uncle Ed took me and Paunnie on our leashes and we started to go for a walk. We thought we’d get to the part where you go off your leash and either into the woods or on the beach, but we never did.

Uncle Ed and Mommis took us to Cafe Classique, where we had to sit under the table for hours listening to peeps talk and smelling food we couldn’t eat.

This nice man petted me for a while, but he really wasn’t concentrating. He was listening to Robert Scoble talk. Scoble was sayin’ how he was bored by stuff and waiting for something new to happen.

He was bored??? He should have been me and Paunnie, trapped under the table.

After a while, we fell asleep, because we don’t care about Twitter or Friendfeed. We might have liked to play with the little kid at the other end of the table, but we weren’t allowed to move.

And after it was over, Ed just walked us back on our leashes to the house.

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