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Miramar Beach Can be Fun

Originally uploaded by hardaway

When it isn’t too crowded, Mommis takes us to the beach where dogs can run free. This summer I learned to body surf while Paunnie fetches.

We had a little glitch today, though. Mommis stood in line all day yesterday to get her new iPhone, and she brought it to take pictures of us. And then I took a dump, and when she cleaned it up, she dropped the phone out of her pocket. I saw it, but I thought she knew what she was doing so I didn’t tell her.

She discovered it was missing only after we got to the end of the beach. Then she made us walk all the way back again, looking for it.

Milo’s father called it on his cell phone, and told her someone turned it in to the front desk of the Beach House. She was thrilled!

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