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A Sneak Peak into Our Lives

We are leaving Half Moon Bay Monday to go back to Phoenix for a few months, and we’re feeling sad. So Mommis took these pictures for us to show everyone how we live up here.

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Mommis Gives Me the Silent Treatment

I can’t understand why Mommis isn’t praising me. I turned over the garbage and sorted it all by myself when she was at Pilates this morning. Do you think that was easy? First I had to step on it exactly the right way, and then, when it hit the floor, the big sort began. I spread it out carefully so everything was visible for her.

But when she came home, she yelled “No, no no,” which I’ve learned means something bad, although I don’t know what.

Then that AKer Paunnie ran up to her and leaned against her thigh. “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it,” he told her. And she believed him, although of course after I started it, he nosed through it, too.

But she loves him more than me. She calls him Main Man.

So I’m going out on the back deck, and I’m going to lay low. Even though it’s wet out there.

She’ll get over it. I’m cute. But I have to leave her alone for a while.

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Benny Bix Labradoodle’s Vacation

When Mommis went to New York in June, she met B.L. Ochmann, a blogger with a labradoodle. So B.L. took her dog on vacation and I didn’t go. I’m pissed. Admittedly, I go to the beach very week, but look at that ballie in Benny Bix Labradoodle’s mouth! I want to go where he went.

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Drying off after the beach

Drying off after the beach
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Ah, much better day today. Mommis walked us this morning, and then after yoga she took us to Miramar Beach. There must have been seven other dogs there, all ball chasers.

I got to run in the waves with a brown lab who was quite a fetcher. I must say he exposed Paunnie, because Paunnie was afraid to follow a ball out that far into the ocean. The man of the brown lab was throwing, and he threw long. Paunnie ran after it until he saw a wave and then he quit,

I didn’t. But I don’t fetch. I just got wet and knocked around.

Mommis had to hose us off and air dry us in the backyard, but that’s okay. At least I wasn’t crated.

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Fort Funston

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I took this picture of Paunnie following Nell and Bo back to the car at Fort Funston. We took Uncle Dan there on Thursday. Now he is gone, and life has gotten much worse for me.

I had diarrhea last night all over Mommis’ living room rug, which is one of the Oriental ones. She almost threw up cleaning it. I couldn’t help it.

Then I ate the dongle for her Verizon EVDO card, and she was furious. The last straw was when I forgot she was home and started to eat her glasses on the futon while she was right in the same room!!!
She had a fit.

So today before she left for the hair salon she crated me! It was horrifying. I scratched and scratched and couldn’t get out, and then I tried to pull the sheet into the crate, and finally I gave up in desperation and peed in the crate.

Things are out of control with Mommis since Uncle Dan left. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day. In the meantime, it’s nice to remember Fort Funston and our big hike with all five goldens.

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This morning at Maverick’s with Dan

Thank God Uncle Dan came and relieved the boredom of the daily trail walk. This morning we got up and Mommis took us to Mavericks with Danny and Blu so we could go fimmin’ in the ocean.

Paunnie and Bluey actually swam out after a seal that was swimming in pretty close to shore, but when they got close, the seal submarined and swam away.

You should have seen Bluey and Paunnie–they didn’t know what to do next! This is the “after” picture of us all wet. Look how I’m really quite thin and shapely now that I have a decent hair cut.

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Tailkey got to go to the inaugural event at the Miramar Restauran’ts new dog-friendly patio tonight. Only one dog got to go, and of course it was the puppy, so the three of us stayed home.

Boda was in his own house, and Paunnie and I were at camp. We were really bored, because Mommis locked the bathrooms. So there really wasn’t much paper.

I found some, though. She left the hall closet open. See below for what we found for entertainment. Wasn’t much, but better than nothing.