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Fort Funston

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I took this picture of Paunnie following Nell and Bo back to the car at Fort Funston. We took Uncle Dan there on Thursday. Now he is gone, and life has gotten much worse for me.

I had diarrhea last night all over Mommis’ living room rug, which is one of the Oriental ones. She almost threw up cleaning it. I couldn’t help it.

Then I ate the dongle for her Verizon EVDO card, and she was furious. The last straw was when I forgot she was home and started to eat her glasses on the futon while she was right in the same room!!!
She had a fit.

So today before she left for the hair salon she crated me! It was horrifying. I scratched and scratched and couldn’t get out, and then I tried to pull the sheet into the crate, and finally I gave up in desperation and peed in the crate.

Things are out of control with Mommis since Uncle Dan left. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day. In the meantime, it’s nice to remember Fort Funston and our big hike with all five goldens.

One thought on “Fort Funston

  1. Lamby Pamby,

    it sounds like things are nuts over there: all this pooing and peeing indoors? The crate’s not so bad; I go in Tailkey’s all the time. Tell her you need a bit more exercise and attention, and if she gives it to you, then you’ll stop eating and pooping things. Maybe also if she changed your food? Don’t give up on her.

    Cousin Bo

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