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Mommis Gives Me the Silent Treatment

I can’t understand why Mommis isn’t praising me. I turned over the garbage and sorted it all by myself when she was at Pilates this morning. Do you think that was easy? First I had to step on it exactly the right way, and then, when it hit the floor, the big sort began. I spread it out carefully so everything was visible for her.

But when she came home, she yelled “No, no no,” which I’ve learned means something bad, although I don’t know what.

Then that AKer Paunnie ran up to her and leaned against her thigh. “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it,” he told her. And she believed him, although of course after I started it, he nosed through it, too.

But she loves him more than me. She calls him Main Man.

So I’m going out on the back deck, and I’m going to lay low. Even though it’s wet out there.

She’ll get over it. I’m cute. But I have to leave her alone for a while.

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