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Me and Taylkey

Me and Taylkey

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Mommis is a puppy slut. She doesn’t have enough puppies in her life with us that she had to leave us again to go to Half Moon Bay and see how much Taylkey grew? After all the time I spent cleaning her up this week?

Doesn’t she have enough puppies in her life? I’m still her puppy. Monti is her puppy. Even Sophie is her puppy.

I know what she needs: a therapy dog to get rid of her puppiscuity problem. Maybe I could be that. I’m looking for a bigger role in her life.

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Meeting of Two Important Bloggers

The author of the famous Stealthmode Blog and the author of the equally famous “Personal Blog of Buppy the Puppy” meet face to face (as it were).

I love this mommis. She’s the one who taught me to blog and then advised me to move my blog to WordPress. Auntie Belle says we are too corporate with the blog, but I am no longer a stray in the fields of Prescott Valley; I’m a purebred golden (I think). So it is the right place for me to be.

Oh by the way, Mommis is going to Half Moon Bay this weekend.

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Been Shoved Aside: Now Making Negative Gestures

Ever since this pit bull puppy, Monte Python or whatever (this is like Steve Gillmor calling Sarah Palin Mary Jo) came to our house, I’ve been shoved aside even on my own blog. Puppy pictures are cute, I know, but I am the puppy! I am the perpetual puppy. To prove it, I’ve begun defecating on the back porch again. That’s how I reclaim all the attention. Even negative gestures are a sign of attention. My friend Steve Gillmor says so.

Buppy the Puppy defends his territory
Buppy the Puppy defends his territory
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Can’t Get Away from Monti

When I first came to Mommis, I iked to sleep under her bed. She thought that was cold and dirty, so she bought me a bed. I never much liked the bed. But now Monti thinks it’s his. Every day he takes his nap on my old bed, and while I sleep on the floor. Jerry and Jamie think Monti is their dog, but I happen to know Monti is our dog. He’s just always around. There he is on my bed, and look at him up on Mommis’ bed. He’s becoming a good friend of mine.

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Who’s This?

Mommis has always told us that a dog isn’t a dog unless you can lay down with him and he’s “substantial and extensive” like Paunnie. This means he takes up most of the bed.

So we eat even when we aren’t hungry so we can grow to be dogs she can lay on and snuggle with.

An then she goes and gets her nails done and meets Miles. Miles is six weeks old. He’s a miniature chihuahua puppy, and she has fallen in love with the idea of him because she could put him in her pocket.

Not only am I feeling fat and furry today, I am feeling mightily betrayed.

Mommis had better get over this. We just got done accepting Monte Carlo-Python-Cello-Zuma the pit bull puppy that lives with us now, and Mommis has fallen in love again?

I’m beginning to think Mommis is promiscuous. Probably not a word a dog can get away with using, but we live in a house with a big library of books, and I have eaten a great many of them.

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Monti is Going to Puppy School

Jerry and Jamie came home toay with a whole new leash and collar for Baby Monti and a shirt that says “Here Comes Trouble.” It’s because he starts puppy training sxhool on Sunday and they wanted him to be cool.

I never got to go to puppy school. I was a puppy in Prescott, and my people just let me wander around and do anything.  When Mommis got me, she tried to train me, but I didn’t want to. I was really curious about all this, but then I decided to go to sleep.

Paunnie was much ore curious, but that’s because he went to puppy school, too, back in the day. Problem is, it didn’t teach him anything.  Mommis uses all the commands he’s supposed to know, but he just ignores her the way I do.

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It’s Raining Puppies!

We just got finished training Tailkey, and we came home Monday. When we walked into the house after that long drive, we found — guess what — a four-month-old puppy. This one is named Monte, after Monte Carlo, but Mommis already calls him Monty, after Monty Python.

And then, we found out that across the street at Aunt Carolyn’s house, there’s yet another four-month-old puppy. This one is Sophie, who comes after poor Sadie who died of cancer this spring.

We’re so happy; Phoenix is just as full of puppies as Half Moon Bay was!

So Sophie’s on the left, and she’s a Springer Spaniel, we think.

On the right is Monty, who is already on Mommis’ bed.