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Monti is Going to Puppy School

Jerry and Jamie came home toay with a whole new leash and collar for Baby Monti and a shirt that says “Here Comes Trouble.” It’s because he starts puppy training sxhool on Sunday and they wanted him to be cool.

I never got to go to puppy school. I was a puppy in Prescott, and my people just let me wander around and do anything.  When Mommis got me, she tried to train me, but I didn’t want to. I was really curious about all this, but then I decided to go to sleep.

Paunnie was much ore curious, but that’s because he went to puppy school, too, back in the day. Problem is, it didn’t teach him anything.  Mommis uses all the commands he’s supposed to know, but he just ignores her the way I do.

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