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Who’s This?

Mommis has always told us that a dog isn’t a dog unless you can lay down with him and he’s “substantial and extensive” like Paunnie. This means he takes up most of the bed.

So we eat even when we aren’t hungry so we can grow to be dogs she can lay on and snuggle with.

An then she goes and gets her nails done and meets Miles. Miles is six weeks old. He’s a miniature chihuahua puppy, and she has fallen in love with the idea of him because she could put him in her pocket.

Not only am I feeling fat and furry today, I am feeling mightily betrayed.

Mommis had better get over this. We just got done accepting Monte Carlo-Python-Cello-Zuma the pit bull puppy that lives with us now, and Mommis has fallen in love again?

I’m beginning to think Mommis is promiscuous. Probably not a word a dog can get away with using, but we live in a house with a big library of books, and I have eaten a great many of them.

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