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My Morning Treasure

Buppy’s morning treasure

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That cute little dead thing in Auntie Carolyn’s hand is a gopher. I love him. I found him in his hole and I took him out and I was carrying him around by the belly. I brought him to mommis, and she made me drop him. I didn’t know he was dead, I just thought I I would play with him and then bring him to her as a prezzy.

Mommis didn’t scream or anything; she just said drop it. I know what that means. It means I have to make a great personal sacrifice: my happiness for hers. But she’s the feeder.

So here’s the thing. I know where those holes are now. Tomorrow I will stick my head in every hole until I find another one.

Have a good day.

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Business Journal is Bad News, So We Ate It

Mommis went out to dinner tonight with Jerry and Doris, and we were stuck at home on Friday night. So we thought we’d kill a little time reading the Business Journal.

Well, we never should have started. It made us really mad, and we thought Mommis shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of bad news.  We already know about the stock market today because she makes us watch CNN and CNBC.  We’ve heard enough.

There weren’t many alternatives, so we used it to play a game: tug of war. And surprisingly, it didn’t hold up. It came right apart and suddenly there were all these pieces of it all over the bedroom floor. And Monti brought some to the living room. We tee pee’d the whole house with it! It turned a rather routine Friday night into an adventure.

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#swphx08 What?

So I spend the day making her happy.  I walk on a leash, I heel, I don’t run away in the park, and I only swim in the Indian School Park lake for a short time before I haul myself out and accompany her around the park. (She immediately puts me on restrictions — the leash).

Then I sit for lunch, sit for dinner, sit for my snack. I endure the Monte the puppy who snorts and snores and lays on my bed on his back like an insect.

I wait for her in the window until she gets home from Phoenix Startup Weekend. I even learn the hashtag #swphx08.

Then I discover this photo on her iPhone. And the worst thing about it is that I love this Ed guy. He LOVES dogs. I know he does.  He should have known better than to take her away on a Friday night and get her all dirty so I have to clean her up again.

She SAYS it was business. How can beer and pizza and all these other peeps be business.

Oh, and there’s a dog park in Chandler, too. Do you think she even takes us there? Not on your life. She goes to Chander alone. And we go to the place where we have to heel and walk on a leash after we get out of the lake.

Startup Weekend? Never heard that word before. Sponsor? Don’t know what it means. I can only tell you it isn’t food and I have to clean Mommis all day tomorrow.

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My Hike, and Now My Stick: A Great Dog Day

Today was a great day! It finally has cooled off in Phoenix so that we don’t get all huffa puffa after five minutes. So we went on this great hike in Dreamy Draw Park with Uncle Dan and Bluey, and then we came home and barked at the handyman all afternoon. The handyman was big and old. He was scared of Monte. I don’t think he realized Monte’s just a puppy, and the best puppy in the PetsMart puppy school.

Paunnie and Bluey barked at him, because he got up on a ladder to fix the roof where it leaked in the rain. Me and Monte just wrestled in the back yard and followed him around.
Monte ran to his mother. His mom and dad are doing their homework, though, and they hardly said anything about it. I win, and anyhow, Monte fell asleep all of a sudden.

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She Did it To Me Again

2008-10-02 17:22:38 -0700

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She gave me one of those fancy haircuts that take almost a day to do and cost a fortune. I can’t decide whether I like myself better long or short.

And this time they made a little mistake; they took the hair off my neck and the top of my head, too. She never asked for that, I know she didn’t. She loves me too much.

When I looked in the mirror at Petsmart I didn’t recognize myself, but by the time I got home took a pee in the backyard I was over it. Monti liked it, but that’s cuz he doesn’t have any hair either. Paunnie, the lucky dog, just got the hair between his toes and the hair on his hind legs trimmed. No biggie. Only I had a real style change.

And by the way, it’s exhausting to stand there and get those razor cuts. It takes them forever to even me up. But I guess it’s not any worse than when they just bathe me with my long hair and it takes them forever to blow dry me.