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She Did it To Me Again

2008-10-02 17:22:38 -0700

Originally uploaded by hardaway

She gave me one of those fancy haircuts that take almost a day to do and cost a fortune. I can’t decide whether I like myself better long or short.

And this time they made a little mistake; they took the hair off my neck and the top of my head, too. She never asked for that, I know she didn’t. She loves me too much.

When I looked in the mirror at Petsmart I didn’t recognize myself, but by the time I got home took a pee in the backyard I was over it. Monti liked it, but that’s cuz he doesn’t have any hair either. Paunnie, the lucky dog, just got the hair between his toes and the hair on his hind legs trimmed. No biggie. Only I had a real style change.

And by the way, it’s exhausting to stand there and get those razor cuts. It takes them forever to even me up. But I guess it’s not any worse than when they just bathe me with my long hair and it takes them forever to blow dry me.

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