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My Hike, and Now My Stick: A Great Dog Day

Today was a great day! It finally has cooled off in Phoenix so that we don’t get all huffa puffa after five minutes. So we went on this great hike in Dreamy Draw Park with Uncle Dan and Bluey, and then we came home and barked at the handyman all afternoon. The handyman was big and old. He was scared of Monte. I don’t think he realized Monte’s just a puppy, and the best puppy in the PetsMart puppy school.

Paunnie and Bluey barked at him, because he got up on a ladder to fix the roof where it leaked in the rain. Me and Monte just wrestled in the back yard and followed him around.
Monte ran to his mother. His mom and dad are doing their homework, though, and they hardly said anything about it. I win, and anyhow, Monte fell asleep all of a sudden.

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